29 octobre 2013

I often find myself disgusting on derby pictures. Here's an exception (I'm on the right);

28 octobre 2013

My dear friend Julie is a food designer based in New York. Back in fine art school, she was telling me about an awesome idea of a cake for two, to eat and to share. Three years later, it's here, for real. I'm so happy and everyone in NY should go to Milles Feuille Bakery Café in Greenwich Village to eat her "Gossip for 2". 
Read more about the project here!!

24 octobre 2013

want. here & here.

The awesome "Hank bought a bus" project. Changing a bus into a nice place to live and travelling through the US. Give me A LOT of ideas for my next road trip (soon).

8 octobre 2013

Awesome video of our game in Brussels. I love my team, I love roller derby.