28 février 2012

Well, I'm a lazy blogger, but not so lazy in real life. I've found a full time internship for two month, with Diana Scheunemann, a photographer. I've finally found an apartment. I'm spending 1h30 in the subway everyday. And, very sad excuse for not posting anything, I've lost a whole film of beautiful pictures of New York. I'm glad to be busy because I miss Franck, friends and family a lot. I'll post pictures of where I'm working in a few days. 

16 février 2012

First video ever. New York love, from the polish neighborhood of Greenpoint to Time Square.

Sorry for the quality, I don't know how to export it better, and I wanted to show it to you so much !

8 février 2012

Sorry, I'm not posting a lot. I'm using my film camera most of the time.

Superbowl party at David's / perfect (expensive) rain boots / finished sweater / velvet vans obsession 

2 février 2012

I haven't told you one big thing. I'm in New York, again. For three month. 

First day, Pinch Food Design, catering for events. I'm invited to a shooting (thanks Julie). Amazing place, amazing food. The last picture, it's falafel, every flavours in just a bite. Yes, pretty crazy.