28 avril 2014


So, I've been gone for almost a year. In case you don't know it yet, I did a three months roadtrip through Scandinavia driving a van. If you want to know everything about it, it's HERE

I've decided to resuscitate this old blog because I'm leaving again soon !

27 avril 2014

A day visiting Paris with my parents. Basilique Saint-Denis and all the kings of France's tombstones. Henry Cartier-Bresson super crowded but great exhibition. And finally the sun shows up for a few minutes. Oh, and I really love my new phone, all the pictures were taken with it. I feel more spontaneous.

23 avril 2014

First pictures taken with my Olympus mju II. I love the rendering but I've tried to take photos of Paris and I'm definitely not good at it. So it's my grand-mothers gardens again. Can't wait to leave to have new subjects.

5 avril 2014

29 mars 2014

Old film in old camera. Family at the sea and Anaïck's garden.

Best video ever. Father John Misty and Local Natives singing Johnny Cash in the desert. Oh God.

22 mars 2014

Business cards workshop. Still the same design since fine art school (but I still love it). But now I'm a photographer 
for real. Let's stamp!

17 mars 2014

HOME. Makes me happy to think that it will be the place I'll always go back to.

11 mars 2014

Made this for my uncle's birthday yesterday. Think that it deserves to be seen. Happy birthday!

9 mars 2014

My grand mother in Norway, 1991.

First sunny and warm week end of the year, spent in Bourgogne. My uncle crazy new sculpture / countryside / family cake / napping in the daisies.