28 avril 2013

11 avril 2013

10 avril 2013

 Tomorrow is my birthday. Just so you know, I REALLY love those shoes.

7 avril 2013

A short weekend in Bretagne. Early train. Restaurant. Afternoon with Anaick. Fire in April. Cutest boy. Garden. The most delicious risotto on earth. Homemade soaps. Early bitrthday lemon pie. The see, family. And my week end soundtrack, again and again.

5 avril 2013

Tomorrow I'm going home for my birthday. But let's enjoy my lonely and quiet friday evening. A good serie, Utopia, and a good bath. My bruises look awesome.

Manhattan love.

1 avril 2013


Breakfast before the game, energy.
Breakfast the day after the game, comfort.
Lazy sunday in bed, my whole body hurts but we won.
Easter with the team.