28 avril 2014


So, I've been gone for almost a year. In case you don't know it yet, I did a three months roadtrip through Scandinavia driving a van. If you want to know everything about it, it's HERE

I've decided to resuscitate this old blog because I'm leaving again soon !

27 avril 2014

A day visiting Paris with my parents. Basilique Saint-Denis and all the kings of France's tombstones. Henry Cartier-Bresson super crowded but great exhibition. And finally the sun shows up for a few minutes. Oh, and I really love my new phone, all the pictures were taken with it. I feel more spontaneous.

23 avril 2014

First pictures taken with my Olympus mju II. I love the rendering but I've tried to take photos of Paris and I'm definitely not good at it. So it's my grand-mothers gardens again. Can't wait to leave to have new subjects.

5 avril 2014