24 janvier 2014

My roadtrip blog, SCANDINAVIAN JOURNEY is online! Follow me, from the preparations to the North Cape. 
You should add me to your favourites right now !

If I wanted to go there the fastest way.

21 janvier 2014

16 janvier 2014

Starting True Detective. I've actually only seen the opening credits for now. But wow.

You won't see a lot of "selfies" from me. But me and my twin sister look good/weird enough here.

15 janvier 2014

13 janvier 2014

It's been something like 15 years. And I still know every lines.

Sprain. Roller derby accident. Stuck at home. At least I'll read Game of Throne for hours.

12 janvier 2014

Oh God. Jean-Paul Gaultier, spring 2010.

Marion has an amazing blog, HomeCollection. It should definitely be part of your daily blog checking routine. 

Here is Bill Coperthwaite and his handmade yurt in Maine forrest. Living in the wild for 50 years. 
Pictures a. william frederick

7 janvier 2014

I'm gonna leave for three month, again. SCANDINAVIA. Departure is planned to May 1st. Driving my small refitted truck. Danemark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. By myself most of the time. Taking pictures and living my dream. Nature, adventure, people.

I'm starting to really organize my project, because I want it to be work too. I'll probably start a new blog just for it. I'll tell you everything about my itinerary so everyone of you who wants to join me for a couple of days could just book a flight a be ready to hike for hours and to swim naked in lakes.

It's only in four month. It's still in four month.

More about it REALLY soon, stay tuned, I'm on it. It's all I'm living for right now.