13 décembre 2012

Les Revenants, french tv show, totally addictive. Rare enough to mention it.
I have troubles to draw lately. So rusty. Trying to warm myself up.

12 décembre 2012

Awesome Two Gallants show yesterday. So beautiful I almost cried twice. Thank you Clément. Best roomate ever.

11 décembre 2012

The cuttest book found at Junku, a japanese bookstore. Pompoms fever. 
(18 rue des Pyramides, 75001, subway Pyramides)

10 décembre 2012

First roller derby game yesterday. Proud of my bruises (Mum and Dad, don't be scared, they're pretty small actually)! 

4 décembre 2012

I needed to go away from Paris. Afternoon in the forest with Feryel. Winter lights. Nature. Swedish presents.