27 septembre 2013

I'm going to wear it for the first time tomorrow. I'm so proud to be part of that team.

Beautiful colors on my knee. I'm really back into roller derby. Playing in Brussels tomorrow !

23 septembre 2013

22 septembre 2013

After a long walk, my friend (or sister) Elsa and I have spent an awesome afternoon picking up ourself all kind of vegetables and fruits, and even flowers. Dirty hands. Now I'm cooking but pictures are for tomorrow.

Cueillette de Cergy, Route de Courcelles 95650 Puiseux-Pontoise

19 septembre 2013

Long summer skirt. Short winter skirt. Transform old in new / Delicious food inspired by Léa (fig, mozzarella and herbs on bread, straight into the oven).
Working Titles by Damien Jurado on Grooveshark

Can't get enough of it.

7 septembre 2013

blueberry obsession (shortbreads) /  the new roller derby season has started / perfect haircut

3 septembre 2013

OH, I WANT IT! Kinfolk book of recipes. If you want to offer it to me, it's HERE. Or just to share the shipping, let me konw.