31 décembre 2013

my mood tonight, but it's actually going to be a serious post 


I usually don' write much here, I let the pictures talk, but I feel like I have to write a few words. 2013 is over in a few hours. It's been a crazy year for me, with so many changes. When I think about where I was a year ago and all I've accomplished in a year, I'm really thankful for everything. I've found a job, I've met true friends, I've played a lot of roller derby and I've tried to enjoy every second. I'm definitly a different person than the one I was a year ago.

It was also a year of deep reflexion. I had the time to think about my life, my values and my goals and 2014 will be the years of choices. It's like I've let things happen to me for a while, and now I'm going to do what I really want. You'll know more about it soon. On my to-do-in-2014 list, you'll find: travelling more, moving somewhere, finding a new job. I'm thrilled, excited and scared, and it feels good. 

That was the diary-post of the year, but that's what blogs are about, no?

I wish you all an happy new year


27 décembre 2013

My uncle, Philippe Monnot is a sculptor. He has an awesome studio in Nevers, in Bourgogne. He is really gifted and talented. The place is so inspiring, I wish I could have mine one day.

So, here is my future house, waiting patiently for me. I'm really thrilled. It's small but it has all I need. 
I'll tell you everything about my project really soon.
The plant of my tattoo. It's a cutt of a plant older than my father. Meaningful.

Cool cat (and I'm really not a cat person).

Christmas. Most beautiful shoes ever. Ready to hike.

20 décembre 2013

18 décembre 2013

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24 novembre 2013

16 novembre 2013

A little bit of rest and nice reading before playing roller derby. Schizophrenic saturday.