23 février 2014

Waking up and seeing the sun. A good start for a good day. Helped my friend Léa to paint her new apartment. 
Really nice time together.

22 février 2014

I've seen the movie Ida today, from Pawel Pawlikowski. And I'm seeing A LOT of movies. But this one was absolutely stunning. I would love to stop the movie and just watch the black and white images, study the elaborate framings and the beautiful lights. 

Kevin Morby. So awesome.

20 février 2014

My official roller derby picture. I'm sad to still have ankle problems and that I can't play for a while, but I'm really happy about my picture, I want to look that tough all the time.

Indian houses, Tirunamavalai, Tamil Nadu.

16 février 2014

14 février 2014

I've been to AntiCafé today. It's a coffee shop where you pay the time you spend and not what you drink or eat. 
4 euros for one hour and you can drink coffee, tea, juices and eat cakes, biscuits, fruits, and even toasts with jam. Nice place to work when, like me, you're SO tempted by an episode of serie instead of working when you're home.

So after an expresso, I did a lot of research for my trip! New post on Scandinavian Journey !

11 février 2014

Crazy ligths in True Detective / cute Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights

9 février 2014

Osei Duro / Ace & Jig

lately : winter outfit / at holyblelly with my brother and his girlfriend / taking shelter in Notre Dame while raining

My "baby" brother Simon is turning 21 today. My other brother Nicolas was here yesterday and we took a special picture. Happy birthday

2 février 2014

1 février 2014

What I miss the most about my years in Rennes, is waking up and go straight to the market. So, after a delicious early-for-a-weekend breakfast at home, I've met Léa for a long walk. We had a coffee, we've passed through "le marché des enfants rouges", and I've found a nice sweater with 70% off at COS. Awesome morning. 
And it's still so early!